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In a changing world, we help steer our clients towards a more sustainable future. Qivalio offers a variety of services, through complementary brands, to investors as well as issuers. Qivalio is an independent French rating, research and advisory company. We are working to develop a continent-scale European player in that field.


Qivalio is an innovative European rating, research and advisory group serving sustainable finance and sustainable development. The Group provides investors, companies and organizations with solutions to the challenges of financing as well as environmental and societal transformation.

Created in 2017, Qivalio is the result of the merger between Spread Research and EthiFinance, French financial and extra-financial rating agencies both founded in 2004.

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The companies now under the Qivalio umbrella have for 17 years supported European financial players - asset managers, asset owners, banks, issuers – with diversified solutions which enable them to control their risks, to optimise their opportunities, to build strategies - from a financial point of view and / or from an extra-financial standpoint.

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